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Antoroccuzzo88: 🐰my medium bunny🐰

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Close your eyes and listen

I wish this video was 6 hours long

this is literally my favorite video ive ever seen on tumblr

…it’s hypnotic…

ALSO- I’m glad this is my second most successful tumblr post. A little background about this video: I took it the day there was the nuclear missile threat while I was on Oahu. That morning, I thought it was my last day on earth and I was about to meet my impending death by nuclear missile. After the island was notified that the alert was actually false (mind you it also took them THIRTY-EIGHT minutes to tell us it was fake) my friends and I drove to Costco, bought a bunch of snacks and fruits, and spent the entire day at this beach. We didn’t talk much, as the concept of life and death was all across our minds. I swam in the water during the sunset, and had just gotten out to record the last light rays that remained. This video reminds me how precious life is and how I will always remember that feeling

dcmultiverse: Jason Momoa behind the scenes of…


Jason Momoa behind the scenes of Justice League.

sashapique: One of my goals is to never shut u…


One of my goals is to never shut up.

As athletes, I believe that we should use our platform to connect with people and let them into our lives and into our minds a little bit more. I think this mentality is needed now more than ever.

I’ve been a footballer for more than half my life. I’m 31 years old now. I used to say that I would be retired by 30. Honestly, do you know what keeps me going? It’s the experiences I’ve had in the locker rooms. It’s getting to know footballing geniuses like Messi, and Puyol, and Neymar, and Roy Keane (even though he almost murdered me).

In the end, football is a long trip. You win. You lose. You embarrass yourself. You make mistakes. You laugh, you cry. You do dumb things to pass the time. Maybe you and your teammates even set an assistant coach’s motorcycle on fire (before buying him a brand new one, of course … I’ll leave that story for another time!)

Hopefully, you grow from a boy to a man. This is what makes sports beautiful, for me. It’s all just one long story.

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Gerard Piqué



Concept: we’re in Barcelona, in spring. We walk the busy streets admiring the architecture and the bright coloured flowers. It’s so warm and we are so happy.

sashapique: leomessi: Welcome Ciro !!! Thanks…


leomessi: Welcome Ciro !!! Thanks God eveything went well. Mom and baby are fine. We’re so happy !!!!!❤️❤️

captainmessi: Barça is an emotion. It’s an …


Barça is an emotion. It’s an e m o t i o n. I’ve always felt it.

It’s the photo of my life. I love to photograph my children, but it can’t be compared to this. Messi was out of his mind and, in the time I’ve been working for Barcelona, I’ve never seen him celebrate like that. +

messitheking: Lionel Messi, Marc-Andre Ter S…


Lionel Messi, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Andre Gomes of FC Barcelona
celebrate victory after the La Liga match between Barcelona and Atletico
Madrid at Camp Nou on March 4, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.