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some of your tags seem sad i hope you're …

some of your tags seem sad i hope you're doing okay 💙

I am okay, thank you for checking! It’s been a rough week. I managed to get the flu and my period all at the same time and it’s just been a hellish time where I get no sleep cause I’m coughing all night and also I’m sad and moody and cramping and running a temperature and also getting sinusitis. This was tmi but long story short, I’m finally feeling a bit better so hopefully I’m turning the corner. Thank you for asking tho, it’s really really sweet of you 💛💛💛💛💛💛😘😘😘😘

Rosario is super dangerous, there's A LOT…

Rosario is super dangerous, there's A LOT of crimes, it's one of the most dangerous cities in Argentina (I'm Argentinian btw) so i totally get why he wouldn't return

I mean, I’ve really only heard of the dangers from Leo but I expect it’s bad considering he’s choosing to not go back but yikes. Makes sense then that he’d stay in Barcelona.

Notice how leo used to be 💯 sure that he will…

Notice how leo used to be 💯 sure that he will return to Rosario once he retired but now he is not sure at all (he mentioned safety being main problem). In my opinion it will hard for him to return to Rosario because he lived in Barcelona since he was 12 and made friends, neighbors and community and I’m sure he won’t find the Rosario he knew when he was 12. Suarez straight up said he is staying in Barcelona . I think Messi eventually gonna do the same.

I agree! My guess is Leo started changing his mind around the time Thiago started going to school. His school looks expensive and reputable from what I saw and even tho he’s young, why mess with a good thing? And plus, as you said, all his formative memories are more Barcelona than Rosario. They’ll probably divide their time between Rosario and Barcelona—Argentina for holidays and Barcelona for the rest of it.



I wish I made those decisions 😩

i don't think messi was fully fit for thi…

i don't think messi was fully fit for this match, and i don't think he should be playing full 90 min

agreed, you can tell he isn’t quite right, i hope he’s rested at the next match

Even neymar kinda showed his badge to the crow…

Even neymar kinda showed his badge to the crowd before we were hit with psg rumors👀🙈

i don’t remember this 😨

but seriously umtiti isn’t going anywhere, any other team would be a downgrade 😉

Baby ciro😍😍😍 Messi's are such precious…

Baby ciro😍😍😍 Messi's are such precious and beautiful family❤ but look at mateoo he really doesn't give a shit about getting clicked😂 he's bored😂

they are beautifulllll 💛 mateo looks like he was physically held down for the pictures and ready to run off for new adventures haha

Leo is great player and the attention 100 % al…

Leo is great player and the attention 100 % always on him. That gives a lot of confidence for the team. When he is playing the focus is always on him so there is not that much pressure on the others but when he is on bench the team loses confidence and there is a lot of pressure. It’s just like how bringing cheat sheet to exam hall boost your confidence. Leo Messi is not only great player but a team player who boosts the teams confidence. There is a pro and con for this tho.

you nailed it. there was a moment during the match when messi and a sevilla player are both going for the ball near the halfway line. messi just gets it ahead of the player and instead of the sevilla footballer tackling messi, he instead abruptly backs off and turns around and starts running at full speed towards his own goal. and i thought yes THAT is the effect of messi. that fear. sometimes, the intimidation of playing against messi is enough—what’s he gonna do next? will he leave me for dead like he did boat*ng? will I become a meme? i still remember yaya toure praying that messi wouldn’t nutmeg him in front of his family, wouldn’t embarrass him. the fear of messi + his own incredible, stupendous, out-of-this-world talent means that having him is always always gonna pay for you.

What the fuck she deleted just like that. She&…

What the fuck she deleted just like that. She’s been on here for like 4 or more years and she left without any goodbye messages. It’s kinda weird. But to each their own.. if that’s what she wanted, then good luck to her..

*shrugs* I mean, like you said, to each their own and I’m a big believer in doing what’s right for your mental health so if she felt tumblr was more of an obligation than a joy then, I hope she feels better now and that’s that 🙂

Do you know what happen to @sashapique?????

Do you know what happen to @sashapique?????

after you told me, i managed to locate her twitter with @messifangirl’s help (thanks kath!!) and it seems she wanted to delete because she wasn’t enjoying it anymore. her twitter is fcb_gosia if you want to look it up yourself and follow/contact her. we’ve lost a good blog but if she wasn’t enjoying it anymore, then i totally understand and hope she’s happy!