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piquè el clásico 

piquè el clásico 



A Harvard intellectual attending one of his classes



Gerard Pique waves to his family after the Spanish Copa del Rey Final match between Barcelona and Sevilla at Wanda Metropolitano on April 21, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

teammessi: Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique durin…


Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique during a training session at the FC Barcelona’s Joan Gamper Sports Center in Sant Joan Despi, on August 24, 2018.

and then there were three…

and then there were three…

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Gerard Pique celebrates after scoring against Roma (April 4, 2018).



god i love u so much u ANGEL

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IG Gerard Pique:

“Eating (her) ear… @shakira”



“Maybe that doesn’t make for a great headline. But when I think about Messi’s true magic, it’s not in something you can find on YouTube. It’s about a subtle expression in his eyes. His greatness would take me another 5,000 words to explain. Perhaps in another article!”

— Gerard Pique (via sashapique)

sashapique: One of my goals is to never shut u…


One of my goals is to never shut up.

As athletes, I believe that we should use our platform to connect with people and let them into our lives and into our minds a little bit more. I think this mentality is needed now more than ever.

I’ve been a footballer for more than half my life. I’m 31 years old now. I used to say that I would be retired by 30. Honestly, do you know what keeps me going? It’s the experiences I’ve had in the locker rooms. It’s getting to know footballing geniuses like Messi, and Puyol, and Neymar, and Roy Keane (even though he almost murdered me).

In the end, football is a long trip. You win. You lose. You embarrass yourself. You make mistakes. You laugh, you cry. You do dumb things to pass the time. Maybe you and your teammates even set an assistant coach’s motorcycle on fire (before buying him a brand new one, of course … I’ll leave that story for another time!)

Hopefully, you grow from a boy to a man. This is what makes sports beautiful, for me. It’s all just one long story.

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