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When Messi is not playing, Argentina transform into another team. Our style is different if we face Messi. They love to criticize Messi a lot. Today, they’ve seen what they are without him. Argentina have to take care of Leo; they have to be grateful.

Diego Costa



“Maybe that doesn’t make for a great headline. But when I think about Messi’s true magic, it’s not in something you can find on YouTube. It’s about a subtle expression in his eyes. His greatness would take me another 5,000 words to explain. Perhaps in another article!”

— Gerard Pique (via sashapique)

I’m happy to have reached 100 goals in such …

I’m happy to have reached 100 goals in such a beautiful competition, but the important thing was to move forward in a difficult match against a team with lots of really good players.

Be Like Ronaldinho | By Lieke Martens

Be Like Ronaldinho | By Lieke Martens:


We all feel we are heroes for them. That they look up to us. That we can inspire them. That they realize that a girl from Holland can win the Euros and play for Barcelona.

I used to say, “I want to be like Ronaldinho.”

Now they’re saying, “I want to be like Vivianne Miedema.”

“Or Daniëlle van de Donk.”

“Or Lieke Martens.”

That’s really cool.

lionelmessidaily: “He’s unique — no one can …


“He’s unique — no one can do what he does. For this reason, to have
played with him is special. Special for me, and something to tell my
sons in the future because, probably, he’ll be considered the best in
history. Leo Messi is the best player in the world for me.”

Gary Lineker, president and head cheerleader o…

Gary Lineker, president and head cheerleader of Messi FC, brought all four of his sons to meet Lionel Messi in London. He shared his excitement on Instagram:

So this just happened. Finally managed to organise something that genuinely excited all 4 boys….oh, and dad. Thanks @leomessi. Absolute delight to finally get to meet the man I believe to be the greatest footballer of all time, and as it turns out @leomessi is also a complete gent. +,+



“Messi is the best player in History. He plays better everyday and every time he adds more things to his arsenal. He knows what to do and when to do it. And he does it everyday.

There is also something about him related to the thing you’re asking me about, and it’s either been said a few times or not at all.

Messi uses his psychology really well. He is gifted in that sense. Yes, obviously his feet have no equal, but his brain has none either. The guy is very gifted in that aspect.

Messi motivates himself, he maintains himself at the utmost height and does not see himself as the IT man that he is. And that is very difficult to acheive, eh.

And he adapts to everything that is going on around him. He has a capacity to adapt that is really surprising.

And that is where his value lies, in maintaining that level and continuing to better himself. That mentality, that psychology has no equal.

That is why Messi is what he is.”

– Diego Valeri, MLS MVP 2017, in a interview with "El Enganche"

Messi’s goal today? If speaking was of silver,…

Messi’s goal today? If speaking was of silver, then silence is of Gold. And if Messi spoke we must be silent.



“I have a question.. I have a question.. What is football.. what is football after Lionel Messi?”

My commentator after Leo’s 2nd goal

lionelmessidaily: “They hate him because he’s…


“They hate him because he’s the greatest ever. Let them hate, Messi will keep on winning.”